Bryan Bennett

🚀 a foray into space

My interests

In typical ADHD nerd fashion, I'm into a lot of varied things. I'd love to chat your ear off about them if you've got the patience.

📚 Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels

🧙 Fantasy

Unsurprisingly, I'm a big Brandon Sanderson fan. Almost everyone into fantasy novels these days is too - and for good reason: The dude is a master of world building.

Other fantasy authors I am or have been into over the years include:

You may note some glaring omissions. I simply haven't read enough of Neil Gaiman, Robert Jordan, Patrick Rothfuss etc. to have too much of an opinion.

🤖 Science Fiction

I like a fair amount of science fiction too, though I am significantly pickier with it than fantasy.

Some authors I have enjoyed:

🎵 Music

In short: I like just about everything. I mean that. From country to death metal with a trip towards electronic and jazz thrown in, I like a LOT of music.

I think that what I enjoy isn't a genre, but tailored artistic expression. I don't care for much of the "unbridled" music. Not much into punk or noise - the "rawness" of it doesn't strike a chord for me (no pun intended). But the combination of emotion with strong theory foundations? I love that.

Artists I particularly I love (ordered as they come to me while writing):

⛺ Hiking & Camping

I do not do nearly enough of this these days, but I really enjoy overnighting.

I have not had an opportunity, but am very excited at the prospect of backcountry camping with long hike-ins and minimal gear.

Happy to chat about this, but I am not a gear nerd so discussions get wishy-washy rather quickly.

💻 Programming Languages

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🎲 Gaming

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Video, Game, Tabletop RPG, Card...