Bryan Bennett

I write code and stuff

Bryan Bennett
Photo courtesy of Sebastian Orr Photography

I am a professional software developer working primarily to build web systems alongside expressive APIs. I am currently living in the Atlanta area and am employed with the Emerging Threats and Countermeasures division of the Cyber Technology and Information Security laboratory at the Georgia Institute of Technology Research Institute.


At work, I am interested in designing user interfaces for expert users, as well as discovering and developing simple and understandable solutions to complex problems.

Personally, I am quite interested in politics, gaming (video, card and board), and free and open source systems (and their assorted accoutrements), brewing beer and good bourbon.


I have started work on a number of (mostly half-baked) ideas:

You can find more information about almost any of these ideas on my Github or on the projects page

In addition to the above, I contribute to some open source projects which I personally did not start: