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An mplayer/mpv 'controller' script built for internet streaming.

Ztream is a Zsh script for controlling an mpv instance (or a mplayer instance in theory, but this isn't well tested). It was written as a small excercise in mastering Bash-ish shell scripting.


Ztream can be grabbed from it's Github page or downloaded directly here.


  • Z-shell
  • mpv (or mplayer, if you're feeling adventurous)
  • dmenu (for station selection etc, optional if you only want the simplest use case)


All configuration is done via editing the source the source. Available options are noted at the top of the file.

  • PLAYER should be the name (or path) of a compatible player in your $PATH
  • PLAYER_OPTS should be options to pass to $PLAYER. If using mplayer, you will need to remove the default (as mplayer has no --no-video option)
  • LAST_STATION_PATH should be a path to a file that will have the playing station written to it on station change.
  • FIFO is simply an indicator as to whether or not a controlling FIFO will be opened to the underlying player
  • FIFO_PATH is where the FIFO should be placed
  • stations is an associative array of station name to station url (or mpv/mplayer option). The url is simply appended to the command.


ztream action [station name]

Possible actions are:

  • Change: To change the station. Either requires a secon option (a station name) or dmenu to present the options.
  • Random: To select a random station from the available stations.
  • Last: To start playing the last station that was played (as indicated in the file written in $LAST_STATION_PATH) If no last station is found, this action will play a random station.
  • Stop: To kill the mpv instance. This action will kill all instances of $PLAYER.

Nothing (Ztream feels pretty finished. If you've any ideas, please contact me and we can talk :) )