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Like prtsearch, but for Crux

Prtsearch is a simple port search tool for Crux linux users, similar in spirit to my Arch AUR helper, Aurora (though currently has less features). prtsearch makes use of Kristian Lehmann's wonderful api to search for and download ports listed on the Crux PortDB page.

Note: Kristian Lehmann's portdb is a third party tool. This means there are no claims made about continued service, uptime, or suitability to the task I am using it for here.


prtsearch can be grabbed from it's Github page or downloaded directly here.


Download the script in this repository (either through cloning the repo, or downloading directly) and place it in your $PATH. Run prtsearch {querystring}.


  • Expose more information about a port. The API exposes a lot of information about things like prtverify status, last updated time, etc.

  • Manage dependecies by inspecting the port in Port.get_extended_info() and downloading all port referenced there (only if they're not already available?)