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dwm is a fantastic window manager, but it is missing some functionality I like. This is my patched version of dwm which contains a non-trivial amount of patching. This version of dwm is based on a relatively old git pull, so all upstream changes are not rolled in. Patches I include:

  • draw status on all monitors
  • attachaside per window rule
  • pango
  • bottom stack
  • urgent color
  • push
  • setcfact
  • emptyview (though I find I don't like this and may remove it soon)
  • don't place dwm-VERSION in the statusbar
  • xkeycodetokeysymfix


It looks a lot like dwm, but I guess its defaults are slightly different.

dwm screenshot
dwm as of 2015-01-31 (colorscheme may change)


As with most of my software, this dwm fork can be grabbed from its Github page.