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Crux ports

Ports for Crux (Seriously. What did you expect?)

These ports are meant to provide packages for pieces of software that I find particularly useful. Either I have made small changes to these ports (in the case of at least acpi and weechat), ported an Arch PKGBUILD, or built the whole port from scratch. That is to say - these aren't entirely my work, but they are "my version".


These ports are indexed via their Github page.


These ports should be mostly stable. They're probaly out of date, however. If you find any problems, please contact me or open an issue on Github.

Available ports

  • acpi
  • gbdfed
  • gvim
  • slmenu
  • The Silver Searcher (or Ag)
  • vim
  • vimb
  • weechat
  • xorg-xephyr